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increase in the membership database
the first 36 days.

«With Simp Galleriets customer database has increased with 25% the first 36 days. Simp works seamlessly and our users are satisfied with easier connection to the shopping mall’s wifi

Hågen, Center Manager / DNB Eiendom


more users the first 50 days.

«By using Simp we’ve had a significant increase in activity on our social plattforms, the campaign tool is easy, intuitive and our guests connect easier to our wi-fi compared to our old solution.»

Tine, Head of Marketing


more followers

«Simp has provided us with a tool that makes it easier to create campaigns based on our customers’ actual preferences. We can create newsletter and campaigns based on actual behavior. This tool generates relevance and customer satisfaction. With Simp we have created a large database in less than a year that we can run exciting offers to.»

Angus, CEO


logins the first 19 days

«After connecting with Simp, we reached over 5000 log-ins on our WiFi within the first 19 days. All of these log-ins were routed directly to other media, such as Facebook and our homepage. The product provides visitors with great exposure to our happenings, news, and campaigns.»

Ingvild, Operations Manager

Increase your business revenue

Simp is an innovative software that turns todays wi-fi cost profitable for businesses

Some of our customers

Some of our customers